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Stevens Engineers, Inc. 2211 O'Neil Road, Hudson, Wisconsin P. 651.436.2075 F. 715.386.5819 1


36 participants overall

T-shirts – donated by All American Arena Products

High scores on individual stations:

  • Trap – Chad Johnson (Roseau) – 24 of 25 - MIAMA prize winner
  • 5 Stand – Bob Erickson (Anoka) – 17 of 25 – MIAMA prize winner
  • Coot – Scott Ward (Stevens) – 23 of 26
  • Skeet – Dale Anderson (Grand Rapids) – 22 of 25 – MIAMA prize winner

Team scores

  • Green Team – 259 points – Overall team winner each received $20 gift cards to Gander Mountain donated by Becker Arena Products:
    • Dale Anderson (Grand Rapids)
    • Mark Rasmussen (Apex)
    • RT Ragan (Mankato)
    • Douglas Hutson (Brooklyn Park)
    • Dan Halverson (Andover)
  • Skins Team – 257 points
  • Red Team – 255 points
  • Black Team – 242 points
  • Light Blue – 236 points
  • Purple Team – 223 points
  • Navy Team – 184 points

Giveaway winners:

  • $20 gift cards to Gander Mountain – donated by Becker Arena Products:
  • Erik Sutherland (Andover)
  • Benelli Super Black Eagle II 12 g ($1,300 value) – donated by Stevens, Rink Tec, and BJ Mulcahy Company: Gary Pietig (Apple Valley)
  • Benelli Montefeltro 12 g. ($1,100 value) – donated by BMIL Technologies, Hill Phoenix, Rapid Recovery: Douglas Hutson (Mankato)
  • Remington 11-87 SMAG 12 g ($1,100 value) – donated by Gartner Refrigeration, 292 Design Group, Nelson Rudie Associates: Brandon Radeke (Super Rink)
  • Mossberg 500 12 g ($800 value) – donated by HTG Architects and


Chuck Freiberg: RT Ragan (Mankato)

Pictures (if you want copies of these please email Scott Ward at Stevens: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

Picture 1 – RT Ragan gun winner

Picture 2 - Gary Pietig gun winner

Picture 3 – Brandon Radeke gun winner

Picture 4 – Douglas Hutson gun winner

Picture 5 – Group

Picture 6 – Purple team

Picture 7 – Light blue team

Picture 8 – Red team at trap station

Picture 9 - Black team at 5 stand

Picture 10 – individual at coot station

Picture 11 – social after shoot

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Ted Schick, Schick Corporate Learning

218 428-9211


The Top 10 Mistakes Leaders Make-- and how to avoid them!

As presented during the 2013 Fall Conference 

  1. Fail to keep professional distance. Want to be friends. Want to be liked. Some professional distance is a must for good order and discipline. Easier to hold people accountable and reduces favoritism. It's okay to be friendly but being friends only causes problems in the long run.
  2. Fail to remember that they're being watched. Image is everything. Just because you are in a position of leadership doesn't mean that you're entitled to special treatment. Play by the rules. Remember that how you're viewed is everything. Protect your image.
  3. Fail to treat people the same while treating them all differently. Motivation versus accountability. Hold everyone equally accountable but motivate differently because your people are all individuals.
  4. Fail to keep their promises. Good leaders do what they say they will do! You have to come through for your people or you'll lose your credibility and reputation with your people. You serve your people.
  5. Fail to hold people accountable. Having hard conversations with your people is challenging. Have those conversations or problems only get worse! And when people on the team are not held accountable, it affects the morale of the entire team. As it applies to performance issues, intervene early and intervene often.
  6. Fail to give feedback. Too often employees expressed that the only time they heard feedback is when it's negative! Good leaders give feedback and often--- from a short 30 second kind word to a performance review. Don't assume your people know how you feel about them.
  7. Fail to develop or challenge their people. Stretch your people! Take them outside their comfort zone. They may initially not like it but people need to be challenged to stay engaged. Good leaders teach, good leaders mentor. You may be surprised as to what really motivates. True motivators include recognition, achievement, job interest, advancement and responsibility. Tap into these true motivators.
  8. Fail to be decisive. Right, wrong or indifferent, make a decision. Waffling shows weakness. You are being watched—even as it applies to decisions. Do something!
  9. Get stuck in today and fail to remember to keep your head up and stay on your vision. Don't get bogged down in day-to-day tactical fire fighting. As a leader, keeping your focus is paramount.
  10. Don't have a real sense of how they're doing as a leader. Be realistic with yourself. Ask the question of your people--- how am I doing for you? Listen to their feedback and adjust as necessary.
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West St. Paul: Mendota Heights opts out of ice arena study
By Nick Ferraro
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
POSTED: 08/20/2013 12:01:00 AM CDT | UPDATED: 32 MIN. AGO

Mendota Heights is cool to the idea of joining neighboring cities and School District 197 in a task force that would consider options for replacing West St. Paul's aging ice arena.

The Mendota Heights City Council has decided to exclude the city from the Sibley Area Hockey Arena Study Force, despite vocal support from residents at a meeting earlier this month.

A subcommittee of the West St. Paul City Council first ran the idea by Mendota Heights, Sunfish Lake and the school district last spring. Sunfish Lake and the West St. Paul-Mendota Heights-Eagan school district have signed on, while Eagan, Lilydale and Mendota have not yet been approached.

Mendota Heights Mayor Sandra Krebsbach told arena supporters she was concerned that joining the task force would be "starting down a road" to an eventual commitment of a shared arena.

"I know you want to push us -- 'Do it, if you care, you'll do it' -- but we are also looking at kind of this whole mix of things," said Krebsbach who, along with Liz Petschel and Mike Povolny, voted against participating.

Petschel said she believes a new arena would operate at a loss and that she does not want to put that "on the back of the residents."

West St. Paul Civic Arena is home to Henry Sibley High School's boys and girls teams and the Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association. However, its days are numbered.

The arena, which was built in 1972, is in need of a new roof, cooling system, floor and repairs to roof beams. The West St. Paul City Council has said it would not be cost effective to make the estimated $1.5 million upgrades.

According to the task force proposal, the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission would conduct a user-demand study -- free of charge -- to identify whether it would be feasible to build a new arena and, if so, where. Financing options would also be indentified.

Frank Friedmann, former president of the Sibley Area Youth Hockey Association, noted how nearly half the 387 kids who played last year were from Mendota Heights.

"All of the ISD 197 area uses that arena," he said.

The proposed seven-member task force would employ a weighted voting system depending on a community's population and number of arena users. West St. Paul and Mendota Heights each would have 40 percent, with the school district having 10 percent and Sunfish Lake holding 6 percent. Eagan, Lilydale and Mendota would make up the other 4 percent.

District 197's school board agreed to be part of the task force last month, but at the same time added a caveat that it was not interested in financing construction of an arena and that participation in the discussion "would be contingent upon the District assuming no business risk or ongoing maintenance of the facility."

West St. Paul Mayor John Zanmiller said that while he was surprised by Mendota Heights' decision, the study is moving forward.

"Ideally, all the communities that have ties to Henry Sibley would be involved," he said.

Nick Ferraro can be reached at 651-228-2173. Follow him at


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Welcome to September and the official start of the 2013-14 season! The Annual MIAMA Fall Conference is set to kick off the start with a weeks’ worth of activities and programs designed to get your juices flowing. Once again STAR is conducting tracks for members to gain additional knowledge and skills within the industry during the conference along with a number of great breakout sessions and speakers set to keep you attention at a high level.

There will also be some of the long standing traditions like the vendor Trade show where vendors and members come together and discuss products and services geared toward a smooth operation. There is also plenty of time for the most important part; the Networking between conference participants.

For those who cannot attend the fall conference take a few moments to get yourself and your staff pumped up for the up

coming season and enjoy the start of your journey. If you can start fresh with a good approach the arena will look and feel like the great place it is for our user groups?

See you at Sugar Lake!


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The 2012-13 MIAMA Annual Report provides a summary of the organizations activity as directed by the Board of Directors and committee members.


On behalf of the Board of Director's we would like to thank all that served in making 2012-13 a successful year for MIAMA. This report would not be possible without the hard work of each Board member and committee representative.

It was an honor to serve as your President in 2012-13.

Rick Ragan, MIAMA President



President            Rick Ragan        Delano Sports Arena

Vice President            Jordan Hirman        Cottage Grove Ice Arena

Secretary/Treasurer        Dean Mulso        Burnsville Ice Center



2012-13 MIAMA Board of Directors


Rick Ragan

Vice President

Jordan Hirman

Past President

Secretary/Treasurer - Administrative Assistant

Jon Balvance

Dean Mulso

Craig Flor    Bob Haala    Cale Politoski

Dave Umlauf

Brianna Ostoff    Jon Jackson    Rick Rakness

Walt Bruley

Dave Black    Travis Larson    Rich Czech

Shayne Ratcliff






Facility Members




Vendor Members




Organization Members





President's Report – Rick Ragan


The year has flown by as President of the best arena managers association in the country. Here are a few things that have gone on within MIAMA in 2012-2013:

2012 Fall Conference

In September 2012, we completed our 37th Annual Fall Conference at Ruttger's Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids, MN with 127 total attendees including 36 attending

STAR Classes (17 in Ice Maintenance and Equipment Operation and 19 in Operations and Risk Management). There were 33 vendor tables at the Trade Show on Wednesday evening with many of the vendors being on hand and contributing during the entire conference. The conference featured a number of programs contributing programs and activities each day for management, operations and vendors.

2013 MIAMA Night at the Wild

Again this year we had an awesome turnout for our social event at the Minnesota Wild game. There were 100 people in attendance and we had a great time socializing and watching a good game. Be sure and watch your emails and the website for updates on upcoming MIAMA social events.

2013 Spring Workshop

Our 2013 spring workshop was held at the beautiful Xcel Energy Center this year. There was a great turnout with 160+ members attending with 32 vendor booths at the trade show. There was great information shared by the folks from the Xcel Energy Center Media Relations Staff about social media and ideas on how to use it to benefit our arenas. We also heard from staff at the X about how they are one of the "greenest" NHL arenas in North America and tips on how to implement some of their ideas into our arenas. We also heard from the Minnesota Department of Health about the then proposed new air quality rules which have since gone into effect. See our web site for more details.

A special thanks to Travis Larson for letting us use his facility for the workshop. Even though the Wild had a playoff game that night, Travis and his crew did great work in getting the facility ready for our event and even giving everyone tours.



If you have not done so lately, please update and check that all information listed on and is correct for your facility. This is truly a great asset for our membership and getting information out to user groups. The board is looking into some possible additions to, so look for more information at upcoming events.


I'd like to follow in my predecessors' footsteps and encourage all ice arenas nationwide to consider being a member of our association. Our websites, or  are resources for rink professionals and vendors to sell available ice, promote facilities, communicate online, post job openings, network and share ideas. We believe we can learn from each other to make the ice industry the best it can be

As president of MIAMA, I urge all members to get involved with MIAMA. Attend our fall conferences, spring workshops, and join a committee. Remember, you don't need to be a board member to be on a committee, everyone is welcome! I am excited for what's upcoming within our association in 2013 and beyond.  

Treasurer Report – Dean Mulso

This report provides a recap of each Board of Director meetings held and keynote items of business.

October Board Meeting: October 3, 2012 – Cottage Grove Ice Arena, Cottage Grove, MN

Dean M. stated that we have approximately $7,000.00 of expenses left for the year. All bills for the Fall Conference have been paid. We have about $300.00 of income left to collect for 2012. We should be in the $16,000.00 range to carry forward into the 2013 budget. Dean M. will begin to prepare for annual renewal invoices that are sent out in December.


February Board Meeting: February 6, 2013 - Lakeville Ames Arena, Lakeville, MN

Dean M. stated that we have received 123 Arena renewals, 1 new arena member, 49 Vendor renewals and 1 new Vendor to date. Last year's totals were 142 arena members and 72 vendor members. Dean M. stated that MIAMA has $35,536.73 in revenues with $996.51 in expenses for the year to date.


May Board Meeting: Tuesday, May 6 2013Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN

Dean M. stated that we have received 141 Arena 70 Vendor memberships to date. Dean M. stated that MIAMA has $37,142.46 in revenues with $13,242.17 in expenses for the year to date. We have 180 attendees registered and 38 trade show booths for the Spring Workshop.


June Board Meeting: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - Delano Sports Arena, Delano, MN

Dean M. stated that we have received 142 Arena 71 Vendor membership to date. Dean M. stated that MIAMA has $30,012.98 in revenues with $22,466.85 in expenses for the year to date. We have $120.00 outstanding to collect in revenues for the Spring Workshop and he is working on the invoices for the MN Wild catering as the invoices I have and the charge to the credit card don't match by $412.60. Without adding those items in the Spring Workshop had expenses of 6,866.63 and revenues of $8,774.18. This is a profit of $1,907.55. A big thank you goes to Travis Larson and the entire Xcel Energy Center for hosting and keeping MIAMA costs down.


2012-13 was the last year of the past Board of Directors' format with a District representaive format. In May 2013 the membership voted to amend the bi-laws to reformat the Board Of Directors. In part this decision was based upon discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having a large board with certain areas of responsibility. One of the difficulites that District Representaives had was getting their group together to share ideas. Some of the districts were further apart distance wise and others had mixed results with some facilities very active and others a bit withdrawn.

The committee took this into consideration and believes the more active members will remain so with the new format.

Since this is the last year of the District format a formal report from each District was not required as most Districts were in email communication and a group gathering was not held.     

2012-13 Districts

Northwest District (NW) – Garry Hadden        South West Metro District (SWM) – Rick Ragan

Northeast District (NE) –Brianna Ostoff         South East Metro District (SEM) – Shayne Ratcliff

Central District (CE) – Dave Umlauf             South East District (SE) – Cale Politoski

North West Metro District (NWM) – Rich Czech        South West District (SW) – Bob Haala

North East Metro District (NEM) – Craig Flor

Vendor Representative Report – Jon Jackson

It was another exciting year for MIAMA as we continue to see large amounts of participants from both the MIAMA Members and the Vendors. We had a fantastic showing of vendors at our spring show at the Excel Energy Center, and I want to thank all of those for coming/participating. The Spring Show was one of the largest shows that we have had to date. I would like to thank Travis and the Excel Energy Center for hosting us at their wonderful facility. I want to thank all of the vendors that take the time to stay involved in this organization and continue to show their ongoing support of what MIAMA does and what MIAMA tries to achieve. I would like to send another thanks to all of those vendors who show their support for the organization with their regular sponsorships, monetary gifts and giveaways. By doing that, it really allows MIAMA to put together good shows and continue to succeed as they have been.

The Fall Conference Trade Show is a one of many of the fine traditions of MIAMA each year.




2012 Fall Conference Report – Rick Ragan & Dave Umlaff

In 2012, The Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association (MIAMA) completed our 37th Annual Fall Conference at Ruttger's Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids, MN with 127 total attendees. 2012 was our fourth year of a five year contract at Ruttger's Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids, MN and our second with a partnership with STAR. MIAMA offered two classes, IMEO (Ice Maintenance & Equipment Operation) and ORM (Operations and Risk Management). There were 24 vendor tables at the Trade Show on Wednesday evening with many of the vendors being on hand and contributing during the entire conference. The conference featured a number of programs and activities each day for management, operations and vendors.

Mark Militello was our keynote speaker. Mark provided entertainment and gave a great presentation on principals of successful people leading to get motivated toward your end goal. Mark provided14 key principals that many successful people had as food for thought as we approach the season ahead and can use in our personal life. Overall attendance was very good with a normal number of attendee's. The offering of an educational track from STAR has allowed some additional people attend when they otherwise might not have been able to.

We thank our presenters and break out session leaders including Bob Carr for a building maintenance roundtable at IRG, Paul Ostoff and Shayne Ratcliff along with MN Department of Health's John Olson for the presentation on air quality training and guidelines, Pat Walter for Maximum Solutions for the session on Maximizing your software , Peter Martell from ISI for the session on public skating., Zac Dockter for his presentation on Energy consumption and tracking for your facility and Dave Umlaff for the session on summer uses for your arena. They did a great job in leading lectures and group participation.

At the Business meeting the 2012-13 Executive Board was announced with Rick Ragan as President, Jordan Hirman as Vice-President and Dean Mulso returning as Secretary/Treasurer.

2012 Attendance

Registrations            58

STAR Courses            45

Vendors- Table            24

(One Day Registrations 13 Sponsors 11)



Peter Martell, ISI discusses staff training at a break out session at the Fall Conference


Zac Doctor discusses energy tracking at a break out session.


It never gets old…. More resurfacer training!

2013 Spring Workshop Report –Bob Haala & Shayne Ratcliff

The 2013 Spring workshop was held on Tuesday May 7th at Xcel Energy Center. This years' workshop marked the largest attendance on recent years with over 250 people attending. Our hosts including the fine staff at Xcel Center treated us to a great day for MIAMA. We got to see firsthand just what Game Day preparations mean for an NHL play-off game as the Wild were gearing up for game 4 of their play –off series against the Blackhawks. Although much of the exciting action occurs at game times we were able to get a feel for what goes into a big game at Xcel. Thanks to Travis Larson and many others at Xcel for allowing us to tour and see the amenities first hand.

We would also like to thank member sponsors All-American Arena Products, Al's Coffee, Becker Arena Products, ESI energy Sales, Gartner Refrigeration, Harris Companies and Zamboni for their contributions.

Our day kicked off with the Spring Business Meeting. Following the business meeting there were three informational sessions for the group.

The first was Talking Trash led by Patrick Reaves working with Xcel Energy center on the daunting tasks of sustainability while generating large amounts of waste through business. Xcel has been a model group using savings from REDUCTION, RECYCLING and PURCHASE. They were able to reduce 2.5M pounds of trash down to 900,000 lbs. per year. All while upping recycling efforts from 15% to 56% over 3 years.

The next topic was about obtaining free publicity for your facilities. Jora Bartz, from the Xcel Center Marketing and Communications Department, led the group with some real simple words of advice to gain FREE publicity for our facilities. She spoke of using social media including Facebook and twitter to gain and retain business. The process is simple, be helpful to the media, be informative and send photos often to keep your facility in front of them. Even some minor things may be of interest.

The last session was of vital importance for our group- Air Quality. It was announced at the meeting that the revisions to Air Quality were now passed into law. Our hands on training was guided by MIAMA Committee Co-Chairs Shayne Ratcliff and Paul Ostoff along with MN Dept. of Health Air quality staff John Olson and Daniel Tranter. We were even covered by local news stations who when finished didn't have much to report other than it was pretty clear that MIAMA arenas are happy to see this finally settled.

The changes were walked through and most of the procedures will be outlined for staff and Responsible person guidelines. The new legislation calls for less than 20ppm for Carbon Monoxide and .3ppm Nitrogen Dioxide. The final adopted permanent rules have been sent to all members. A copy of Shayne and Paul's presentation is available on the web site.

After a great morning in the class room we were treated to a nice lunch in the club area and off to the vendor trade show to look at new products and services for all. This was a very good time to network and talk with vendors as we are into budget season and planning for 2013-14. The 38 vendors did a nice job in answering questions and providing information.


Members dine at the Spring Workshop at Xcel Energy Center during lunch break



JAMES A.PADGETT AWARD – Saint Louis Park Rec Center

This year we had 4 applications. All facilities were very deserving and received strong consideration for the award. The applicants were; Saint Louis Park Rec Center, Ralph Engelstad Arena/Thief River Falls, Lily Lake Arena, St. Croix Valley Recreation Center.

The St. Louis Park Rec Center was built in 1971. The Rec Center included an outdoor competitive swimming pool, community meeting space and an indoor ice arena. In 1997 the Rec Center underwent a major renovation, titled the Rec Center Renaissance. This renovation included the redesign of the outdoor pool from a competitive pool and a diving well to an outdoor waterpark with zero depth entry and water slides. The building added new front office space, an additional gallery space (public meeting space) and a second sheet of ice.

Through all of these successful endeavours and renovations the pro shop at the Rec Center remained tucked away in a small make-shift closet area in the bowels of the original west arena. Many of the skaters at the Rec Center never knew that the building housed a skate shop or offer services such as skate sharpening or skate rental. In the fall of 2012 the City of St. Louis Park, in partnership with the St. Louis Park Hockey Association, partnered to relocate the skating pro shop to a more customer friendly area.

In addition to the relocation, upgrades were made to the out-of-date rental figure skates, which now include new hockey and figure skate rental options. We also upgraded our skate sharpener from an old portable, turned, permanent, single head machine to a new 3 head machine that offers the latest in blade sharpening technology. The pro shop also expanded its selection of sale items to include clothing, memorable and other skating necessities.

Through the first 5 months of operation the skate shop has proved to be a giant success. The total cost of the entire project, including new skate sharpener and rental skates, was $63,000. This project would not have been possible without the partnership of the St. Louis Park Hockey Association, both as a fiscal partner and as a contractual partner in operation of the pro shop on a daily basis.

left to right are: Bob Evers, Jason Eisold, Dave Cormier, Steve Rosen, Brittany Evers, John Monte. Missing from the staff photo are Jon Olson, Casey Drennen, Don Struck, Nicole Beane and Blake Riley


MIAMA is pleased to announce the 2013 Fall Conference Grant recipients.

This year's recipients are:

Judd Garbina – Bloomington Ice Gardens

Pam Muxfeldt - Fergus Falls Parks and Recreation Department

David Wabbe – Waconia Ice Arena


1st Place Eric Hanson - Rogers Arena - for his bumper guard made of plastic board backer material at floor level so floor scrubbers do not damage exposed conduit at the wall.


2nd Place Garry Hadden – East Grand Forks – for his idea of a new way to replace older "Christmas " bulbs on their four- sided scoreboard with energy saving LED low wattage bulbs.



Elections Report – Craig Flor

At the May 7, 2013 May Workshop, the MIAMA Membership voted to change the structure and make-up of the Board of Directors. Starting this fall, the MIAMA board is going away from the 8 geographic district model. The MIAMA 2013-14 Board of Directors will be made up of 4 voting positions representing the metro area (Craig Flor, Rich Czech, Shane Ratcliff, Jordan Hirman), 3 voting members representing outstate Minnesota ( Brianna Ostoff, Dave Umlauf, Cale Politoski), 1 vendor member representative (Jon Jackson), 1 voting position of secretary/treasurer (Dean Mulso) , and 5 non-voting members to include the Website Editor (Travis Larson), the Newsletter Editor (Dave Black) , the immediate Past President(Rick Regan), the Director Emeritus (Walt Burley), and a MN Hockey Representative (Rick Rakness). With this new make-up of the MIAMA Board of directors and the few board members completing their 3 year terms there was no need to have any elections for this year's Board of Directors.

A special thank you to board members that are completing their terms: Bob Haala (New Ulm Civic Center), Gary Hadden (VFM Memorial Youth Center) and Rick Ragan (Delano Area Sports Arena),

Education Committee Report – Rick Ragan

For the third year STAR is the educational tract partner at the fall conference this year the classes are IMEO and ORM.  The Ice Making and Equipment Operations course sold out early.  The board will determine later this year on future educational activities and this decision will take into account the training requirement in the purposed Indoor Air Quality Rule.

Website Committee Report – Travis Larson

This past year we have integrated social media to broadcast headlines from our website .  MIAMA can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@miamarinks) .  The software was upgraded to meet "end of life" cycle for the version we were previously using.  Most if not all the software was upgraded as well to integrate with the new software and integrate with our social media.  In the upcoming year, researching online education software which could assist in the training for air quality or some basic education courses that can assist in general staff training as a potential use.

The classified ad section and message boards continue to be a good asset to our membership.  If you need to sell something, or have a position to fill, this is all "self service".  Log into the website and go to classifieds and click on "new ad", fill out the form and the information box and it will post this for you automatically for a 30 day period.  These will appear on the weekly "Around the Rink" email newsletter as well.  Have a question for the membership or have something to share or discuss?  Be sure to post it on our message boards.

As always if you have a question regarding the websites please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Newsletter Report – Dave Black

The newsletter format is transmitted digitally and in a format closer to real time. This focus continues to be to capture news worthy items and bring them to the membership along with keeping with our tradition of what was the quarterly newsletter. We are still trying to include features on members, vendors and facilities and general newsworthy material. We continue to have each Board Member contribute a column with a slightly different approach to having the President write a monthly column. With this format we are able to get a bit more creative and Board members can highlight things from a District perspective as well as touch the committees they serve on as part of their responsibility during their term.

2012-13 is the third year of completing the Annual Report documenting the various committees and events occurring within and around our organization. We made progress last year on this format and are fine tuning to capture a few more pictures with this report.

As always with the digital format and weekly Newsblasts we are open to additional feedback and more contributions for fun and exciting stories as they arise.

One way the membership can contribute is to take pictures and send them in. Almost anything noteworthy is newsworthy with this regard and helps us further network for MIAMA. As always your input and contributions are appreciated. Drop an email at any time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with thoughts, comments and feedback on how the News blast can be improved.

Member Recognition Report – Dean Mulso

2012 Service Award Honorees

10 Year Service Awards

Brianna Ostoff    Cloquet Area Recreation Center

15 Year Service Awards

Kevin Kenney    Eagan Civic Arena

Don Thompson    Rukavina Arena

20 Year Service Awards

Doug TenEyck    New Ulm Civic Center

25 Year Service Awards

Dean Mulso    Burnsville Ice Center

Dave Hanson    Burnsville Ice Center

Todd Bissett    Municipal Athletic Complex

Ken Schuster    Sioux Falls Ice & Recreation

Dick Carle    Polar/Tartan Arenas

Joe Balzer    Richfield Ice Arena

Jeff Elliott    Hastings Civic Arena

Gary Kliest    Graham Arena

30 Year Service Awards

Jerry Kohls    Pond Sports Center    

Bruce Peterson    Minnehaha Academy

Sliv McGree    Hastings

Dave Black    Woodbury

Bruce Bates    White Bear Lake

John Brown    Roseville Skating Center

Daryl Cox    Arena Systems

Jim Corbett    New Hope

Jerry Davis    Elk River

Jeff Elwell    Eden Prairie

Lyle Gillespie    Rink-Tec International

Mark Goodrich    St. Fair Coliseum

Jerry Gordon    Daktronics

Rick LaBore    Ramsey County

Mack Land    Ramsey County

Mark Magnuson    Ramsey County

Gary Palfe    Aldrich Arena

Jim Welter    Ramsey County

James Werner    Ramsey County

Robb Olexin    Becker Arena Products

35 Year Service Awards

Tom Moriarity    Ramsey County

H. Mark Weis    Burich Arena

40 Year Service Awards    

Andy Baltgalvis         Bloomington Ice Garden

Mike Mattson         Ramsey County

Al Ness             Richfield

John Lindstad         Highland Arena

Outgoing Board Members

Eric Edhlund    St. Paul Academy

Jon Balvance     St. Thomas Ice Arena

Mike Bauer     Rogers Activity Center

Brad Tullberg    Roseville Skating Center


Members receive years of service awards at 2012 Fall conference

Jon Balvance, Brad Tullburg Mike Bauer & Eric Edhlund receive outgoing Board member awards at the Fall Conference

Green Committee – Paul Ostoff & Shayne Ratcliff

The Green Committee went on a temporary hiatus from an official standpoint since there have not been many new "breakthroughs" in the industry recently.  At the Fall Conference Zak Dockter presented an Energy Consumption and Tracking presentation which outlined many ways to track the consumption and prices that facilities are using.  The program has helped the Cottage Grove Arena better understand their energy usage and identify ways to save money.

As new technologies come available the Green Committee will continue to update our membership with anything that can help their buildings.

If you are currently exploring any of these ideas please let us know how it's going. Can you document the savings? What are the costs? What areas of the country do you think it will work? Will it work in a six month facility as well as a twelve month facility? Remember every facility is different but your idea might help someone out. The sharing of ideas has helped all of us at one time or another

MN Dept. of Health- Indoor Air Quality Report – Shayne Ratcliff

The new rule is finally here! After many years of research, meetings and hearings the new rule overseeing indoor air quality was signed into effect by Governor Dayton in May and began being implemented on May 20, 2013.  The new rule reduces the allowable amounts of Carbon Monoxide from 30ppm down to 20ppm and the allowable amounts of Nitrogen Dioxide from .5ppm to .3ppm.  The new rule also requires the frequency of testing by increased to two times per week for ice resurfacing and one time per week for ice edging.  Additionally, a trained staff member must be present at all times when the building is open to the public. 

The MIAMA Board strongly supports the research the MN Department of Health has conducted over the past five years and feels this new rule should help to ensure safe air conditions at all member arenas.

More information about the new rule and testing requirements can be found on our website at  


By-Law Report – Dean Mulso         

The board proposed the following changes to the by-laws at the 2013 Spring Workshop. The membership voted to approve this changes as follows:



Section 1. The government of this Association shall be vested in a Board of Directors which shall consist of fourteen (14) members. The voting board members shall be four (4) board members representing the seven county metro area, three (3) board members representing outstate Minnesota, one (1) board member shall be representative of, and elected by, that portion of the Association made up of vendor members and one (1) Secretary position. The non-voting board members shall be five (5) positions to include one(1) board member in each position; MN Hockey Representative, Website Editor, Newsletter Editor, Past President and Director Emeritus. These positions shall be appointed by the board of directors and no term limits. Voting board member positions shall be elected by the membership and may serve up to two (2) three year terms. A voting board member position must take one year off after serving two (2) consecutive terms before running for election again. One (1) board position of Immediate Past President, which is served by the immediate past president and is a one year term. One (1) board position of Treasurer shall be appointed by the Board of Directors annually and have no term limit. .

Article XI

Formation of an Alumni group, open to anyone associated with the ice rink industry who is no longer working in the industry due to, including but not limited to, retirement or job change. There is no limit to the number of Alumni members. Alumni members must meet all requirements of the program and be approved by the MIAMA Board of Directors. Membership will be reviewed for each member every two years. Membership fees in MIAMA will be waived for approved Alumni members. Fall Conference Fees will be waived for approved Alumni. Approved Alumni members will be responsible for their own food and lodging costs at the Fall Conference. The mission of the MIAMA Alumni is to be an educational resource, Alumni members will be asked to provide the MIAMA membership with information opportunities within their expertise. This program will be overseen by a MIAMA Alumni Director Board Member appointed by the MIAMA Board for a term of 3 years. No limit to the number of consecutive terms.

Director Emeritus Board of Directors Position

Walt Bruley remains in this position. The Director Emeritus will be working with the Board of Directors on shaping the Alumni group per the recent Bi-Law changes to Article XI as described above.

Retirement lunch for Mike Brooks (Hudson) and Sliv McGree (Hastings)


Pregame Social prior to Wild game.

Social Committee

The MIAMA Social committee held one event in 2012-2013. 

This year's event was held on Sunday, March 10, 2013 at the Xcel Energy Center for a Minnesota Wild Game. We had 100 people attend which equaled last year's total. The evening began with MIAMA supplied appetizers during a social & information exchange in the party room on the suite level. Our group then moved to our seats and watched the Wild defeat the Canucks 4-2.

The intent of the committee is to have events where our MIAMA members and families along with MIAMA Sponsor Members can get together in a social setting and share ideas and to network. If you have any suggestions for the MIAMA Social Committee or would like to be a part of the social committee, please let any of the committee members know. 

Welcoming our group at the MN Wild Game in March


MN Hockey Report – Rich Rakness

This past year Minnesota Hockey welcomed a new Executive Director.  Glen Andresen replaced Mike Snee who resigned to take a position with the American College Hockey program.  Derek Ricke joined our paid staff as the new Marketing and Communication Assistant.  Both Glen and Derek will be a big help in promoting our programs to keep hockey growing in Minnesota.

On the playing front, Minnesota Hockey has renewed it's AA-A levels at the Youth Bantam and Peewee levels for 2013-14.  Minnesota Hockey will also have Squirt post season play this year.  It will be an end of the year 3 regional type format with 4 districts sending 2 teams to one of the regional sites.

Minnesota Hockey is proud of our relationship with MIAMA and will be looking at ways to promote our activities in your members facilities.

STAR – Rick Ragan


STAR would like to thank the MIAMA board of directors for the opportunity to provide educational programming for their annual fall conference this September at the Sugar Lake Lodge.


STAR providing education course work at the 2012 Fall Conference


2012 has been a great year so far for Serving The American Rinks (STAR).  Attendance at the North American Rink Conference (NARCE) remains high. Interest in our regional training programs have been well attended, and RINK Magazine continues to be strong.

ISI Report – Dean Mulso

Dean M. attended the conference in sunny, warm Las Vegas from May 26-30. At the board meeting on Monday the 27th a new president was elected and will be Rob McBride. He will be a great addition to the position and is very intelligent and should lead ISI into the future with a great vision. Financially ISI has been in the black for two consecutive years now. Dean M. also presented a session called THE FISH on Thursday morning at the conference. The session was attended by 30 people and went over very well.

NARCE Report – Jon Balvance & Rick Ragan

Jon Balvance & Rick Ragan represented MIAMA at the 2013 North American Rink Conference & Expo (NARCE) in Detroit, MI. At the Presidents Welcome Party on Monday night, Jon & Rick accepted the STAR Excellence in Education award on behalf of the Minnesota Ice Arena Managers Association (MIAMA). During the trade show, Jon & Rick promoted MIAMA to ice arena personnel from around the world.  The board is looking at the proper way of branding the website to other regions of the United States. 




Old conference Vets Gary and Gary

The Munters Group at the Spring Workshop

Vendors like Drew's Popcorn show their products to members during a trade show

A STAR resurfacing test as part of an on ice training seminar at the Fall Conference

Maximum Solutions greets members at the Fall Conference Trade Show

Trash Talkin! At the Spring Workshop; a look at Xcel Energy Center's Sustainability Program

Round table networking by industry specialists

Harris Companies at your service

Our Vendor Rep Jon Jackson hard at work