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Important Upcoming MIAMA Information

Please be aware of the following information that MIAMA would like you to know;   


1. The 2017 James Padgett Award application – This is the highest award presented to a current MIAMA member facility and will be presented at the MIAMA Business meeting at the MIAMA/ISI conference on Tuesday, May 30, 2017.  Application deadline is April 28, 2017. Application has been emailed out to MIAMA members.   


2. The MIAMA/ISI discounted registration fee deadline is fast approaching.  Don’t pay more when you can register to attend the conference as an attendee through MIAMA.  The MIAMA deadline to get the conference registration for $399 is April 7, 2017.  After this date all registrations will need to go directly through the ISI office and will be $475 from April 8-15 and then $525 after April 15. Inormation has been emailed out to MIAMA members. 


3. Vendors – don’t be left out of the Trade Show – Information has been emailed out to MIAMA vendor members.


4. Vendors – MIAMA is offering a $500 vendor sponsorship package to be a Sponsor at the MIAMA/ISI Conference – the sponsorship includes: the MIAMA Luncheon/Business Meeting on Tuesday, the MIAMA “SUITE” social on Wednesday evening and the MIAMA arena tours/On Ice Sessions/Lunch on Thursday.  Please contact Dean Mulso at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to sponsor and he can direct you how to pay or send you an invoice.


5. The 2017 MIAMA Annual Survey is online for facility Members to complete.  Please click on this link to get started.  The survey will stay open through March, 31, 2017.  Results will be available for FREE only to those facilities that filled out the survey.  Those members can get the results at miama.org once they login.  For those members that don’t fill out the survey it is $30.  Survey link is: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0zf_T5dw7LHS5l0Nd7mba8WFKGV_YmfS4SkQG9-_ACtdfMA/viewform?c=0&w=1


It’s a busy time at MIAMA and we hope you will help the association by completing the survey, attending the conference or applying for the Padgett Award.

Have an Ice Day!

MIAMA Board of Directors

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MIAMA Spring Arena Tour 2017

MIAMA Spring Arena Tour 2017

To me, the best part of working in the ice arena industry is problem solving. As we all know, there are plenty of problems that draw our attention on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. On the MIAMA Spring Arena Tour, venues were chosen that had problems and solved them in very unique ways. Every arena is different, every situation and resources are different, yet with determination and cooperation, things get done.


Verizon Wireless Center

The Verizon Wireless Center in downtown Mankato was built on the inspiration of local leaders. The main attraction is the Minnesota State Mankato Division 1 hockey teams. The Mavericks at the time we given limited resources at the Center and things were a bit tight to say the least. All the local concerned groups came together and started to find ways to solve this problem. What we saw on this tour was the result of over a decade of dreaming, planning, financing and rebuilding the Verizon Wireless Center. Our jaw dropping reaction can be summed up in two words: “First Class.” How did they come to this new higher status? Cooperation between Minnesota State Mankato, the City of Mankato and the local business community.

All aspects of the Verizon Wireless Center were considered for renovation and addressed. The attention to detail is incredible. The Mavericks, having started out as a non-resident at the center, was now given the full respect deserving of the Center’s biggest attraction. The amenities are incredible, again, the words first class come to mind. We toured the incredible new areas that are so impressive I am sure it had a positive effect on one of the best high school players in Minnesota coming to Minnesota State Mankato next season. With a new floor slab, all new seating reflecting the Purple Pride of the Mavericks, new luxury boxes; the Verizon Wireless Center and Minnesota State Mankato are major players. We were very fortunate to witness the results and hear their story of how they solved the identity issues.

Verizon Wireless Center Outside  Verizon Wireless Center Bleachers  Verizon Wireless Center Bleachers

All Seasons Arena

Like many facilities in Minnesota, the All Seasons Arena was built in the 1970’s. Over the decade’s, the demands on the arena located in the middle of the Mankato neighborhood changed. The All Seasons Arena changed right along with the changing demands. The result is a very unique 2 rink facility. The arena kept adding spaces and on this tour we saw space like we rarely see within a facility. The key word is space, along with the add-ons came a very unique way of making space. Remember the theme of this Tour? Solving problems. What is one of our biggest problems? Storage space. The All Seasons Arena has with their add-on renovations been able to create the most unique spaces I have ever seen in an arena.

The All Seasons Arena is now able to serve a new generation of patrons, as a newly constructed neighborhood has them all but landlocked. They are able to serve local high school teams and the new neighbors full of young college students.

All Seasons Arena Map small  All Seasons Arena Zamboni Gate small

Le Sueur Community Center

The City of Le Sueur, located 25 miles up Highway 169 from Mankato, is served by their Community Center. Within the center is a hockey rink. Another 1970’s generation facility that has more than survived but has been the coveted center of the community. With age came problems, a leaky wooden truss roof became a bigger problem when local regulation tightened and the roof was no longer considered safe to handle a significant snow load on the roof, the Rink was about to be condemned. Remember our theme of solving problems? A collaboration of city and arena leaders came together and we’re able to design a very brilliant yet simple metal support for the now undersized support beams. This system is fascinating to see and saved their rink.

The Community Center also hosts a newly renovated swimming pool, a basketball floor, racquetball and one of the best exercise areas ever with what looked like a workout machine for everyone in the city. They have a newly adopted policy of 24/7. The doors are open 24/7 and membership has exploded. Problem solving. The Le Sauer Community Center has endured many setbacks, it has been the community coming together that has gotten things done. Oh, did I mention they have a great baseball field they take care of. The community sees the value and this Grand old facility delivers.

Le Sueur Community Center Outside small  Le Sueur Community Center Arena small  Le Sueur Community Center Pool small

In closing

It is with great pleasure MIAMA brings these tours to you, our members. What a wonderful opportunity to see the diversity, the ambition and the strength of our member rinks within their community. Those attending were able to witness the fortitude of those having to solve problems and our hope is they came away with a greater sense of community and strength.

One common theme discussed at each rink was the ice removal process about to take place this spring. Each rink on the tour and your rink as well, are very unique with the ice removal process. What works for some might not work for others, but the ice removal process seems to take on a somewhat common theme which is keeping the ice paint away from public access.

Our next planned tour is tentatively scheduled for the Duluth area the afternoon before the MIAMA Fall Workshop on Tuesday, September 5th. We will have more information available this summer. We will then visit the Rochester area rinks in early October as they are undergoing some renovations this summer. Please let us know what locations interest you and what you would like to see in the future.

See you at the ISI/MIAMA Spring Conference in May/June and at the DECC in Duluth in September.

Walt Bruley – MIAMA Retiree Member

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Job Posting - Associate Director of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center: St. Cloud, MN


Direct the operations, day to day management, long term planning and program planning and implementation of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center (HBNHC). To learn more about the Department of Sport Facilities/Campus Recreation please visit the department web site at www.stcloudstate.edu/campusrec


Recruit, solicit, and coordinate rental and program development of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center (HBNHC).  Hire, supervise and train staff.  Develop and maintain the facility schedule.  Direct facility operations for all events conducted in the HBNHC.  Insure that all mechanical equipment, physical plant and machinery required to operate the HBNHC are maintained.  Develop policies and procedures for the use and rental of the HBNHC.  Develop and maintain related budgets.  Assist the Director in the strategic planning of facility utilization and operation of the HBNHC.  Represent the Department of Sport Facilities/Campus Recreation in committees, task forces and appropriate working groups as requested and actively participate in department, division and University programs and events.


Full job description and application information at:



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Cottage Grove Ice Arena on the upswing


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Former St. Paul Macy's will be renamed Treasure Island Center


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